How to Get The Most Money For Your Car

Sep 04, 2020

#1. Do Your Research
Find out what other like cars are selling for in your market.
Market = the same geographical area (If you live in N.Y. don’t compare to vehicles in California, etc.) Make sure you are basing your vehicle’s worth on like vehicles that have SOLD in your area, not what they are ASKING for. A big difference as you should know.… (I would love to get thousands more for my car but that’s not what I’m gonna get.) Get it 😉

#2. Compare Apples to Apples
The vehicles must be as similar as possible, unless you are dealing with modifications and then you need to do extensive research.
They must be the same make, model, mileage, condition, options, and even color will make a big difference in particular makes and models.

So many times I talk to people who say, “Well Kelly Blue Book and Edmunds and my brother the mechanic said it’s worth this much.” Oh and the kicker is when they put in Excellent condition and it is CLEARLY not even close, to show the highest amount of value. So be honest with yourself and really take some time to do the work and you will sell your car quickly, because you priced it right!

#3. Please Please Please, Clean Your Cars People!
I can’t tell you how much more a car will sell for if it’s had a professional detail job. If you don’t want to spring for one you could do just as good a job with some elbow grease.
Cleaner the car = More the Money

#4. Tires & Paint
Make sure you have decent tires, and by decent I mean above 2/32”. If they are this number or less you are going to get less cash for your car because the buyer is going to need to get a new set of tires.
Well, how do I know if my tires are acceptable or not, you ask?

You can use the penny test, the top of Lincoln’s head must not be seen if your tires are at an acceptable tread (make sure to put the penny in between the tread with Lincoln’s head pointing down into the tread.)
Another sure way is to pick up a handy Tire tread gauge Milton S448 Tire Tread Depth Gauge. This will give you accurate tread readings to determine if it’s time to purchase some new rubber.
I’m sure the cost of a set of tires is less than what they would want to deduct to replace them themselves!!!
Now the paint talk. I’ve seen it over and over again. A shitty looking car with absolutely no mechanical problems gets passed by and discarded because of its paint job. And then I’ve had clients come to me with horror stories of the opposite, a beautiful looking car in mint condition, paid top dollar, and then……. the findings. A total mess underneath where you can’t see all the ugliness. It goes back to that saying, you can’t judge a book by its cover.
The point to this is that if you have a great running car and it needs some love on the outside to match its inside then spring for a paint job, you won’t be sorry.
For all of you trying to put lipstick on a pig: Watch out, Karma is a bitch!

#5. Have All Your Documents Organized
and any service records available for the potential buyer. Print yourself out a Bill of Sale and an As-Is document to release you from certain liabilities. As well as a money marker, Counterfeit Money Detector Pen Bill Marker Fake Note Currency Thief Buy1get1FREE if you are getting paid in cash, I’ve recently been burned so protect yourself!

Best of Luck my fellow car salespeople and remember never give them a reason to lower your value!

Courage + Confidence, 
CEO & Founder & Girls Guide to Car Buying 
Become a Crazy Confident Car Buyer 

“The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence” 

                                                                     -Blake Lively 



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