Flood Cars in Your Market Place

Sep 04, 2020

Consumers Beware! Many flood vehicles end up back in the marketplace for unsuspecting buyers to purchase. Owners collect the money from the insurance companies and then sell the damaged vehicles to private buyers or salvage yards where the vehicles get refurbished and re-sold.


Sometimes the vin (vehicle identification number) is switched and the vehicle is re-titled, with no reports that there was any flood damage to the vehicle. Unscrupulous sellers will move the vehicles in and out of states re-registering them multiple times with clean titles, known as title washing. This is why it is extremely important to do a history report on the vehicle. Also check for tell-tale signs that the vehicle has sustained flood damage. Sometimes extensive repairs have been done to hide the flood damage and an average buyer and mechanic can find it very difficult to detect the damage. With all the recent floods you can guarantee that more damaged vehicles will end up all over the country.


Do not think that because you live many miles away from these flooded states that you are safe from purchasing a flood vehicle. Steer clear of deals too good to be true, because they usually are. Have a reputable auto mechanic or auto appraiser you trust do a pre-purchase inspection to protect you and your investment and save you an enormous amount of time and headaches. They will do all the necessary history reports and physical inspections to verify the vehicles quality so you can sit at ease knowing you made the best decision. 

 Check the Vin# On These Sites To See If The Vehicle Was Affected




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